“In the advertising business, you need partners and resources who can do 4 things:

1. Deliver inspired work on time, EVERY time.
2. Bring an element of inspired artistry to his work so our ideas come to life -
communicating the impact and not just the intent.
3. Get that it’s a business governed by infinite needs, concerns and egos.
4. Work with patience, enthusiasm, and a collaborative spirit.

Sean has brought this and more to every project we’ve worked on.
From storyboards to character designs to new product sketches,
Sean has been a steady and superhuman resource for as long as I can remember.
He makes deadlines that would give other illustrators a stroke.
And he interprets the needs, tone and objectives of every project perfectly.

He is inspired. He is decent. He is wonderful.”

-Chris McKee
CCO of Flint & Steel LLC Advertising Group

"Sean Tiffany is everything you want in a freelance artist for three reasons:

1. He's a master at drawing the human figure, capable of nailing precise,
technical prompts with According-to-Hoyle accuracy.
And he'll often go above-and-beyond, working in Easter Eggs and details
that add depth to your concepts and are delightful to discover.
 2. He has a machine-like adherence to deadlines, and has never missed one
in my years of working with him.
3. And he's a warm, genuine soul, devoid of ego-- a pleasure to be pen pals with.
Working with freelancers can be a mixed bag, but I never have to worry about Sean."

-Drew Dzwonkowski
Art Director, Sports Illustrated Kids

“I worked with Sean for almost ten years and the reason I kept hiring him was
because he consistently created superlative work—energetic, original, dynamic,
and spot on for each assignment. Sean approaches each illustration with an intelligent
eye and an obvious passion his craft—it’s just so fun to work with him—Sean’s a true
professional and creative powerhouse.”

-Beth Bugler
Former Creative Director, Sports Illustrated Kids
Art Director, The Experiment Publishing

"I've worked off and on with Sean for just over 20 years now, and he is a reliable,
versatile, and creative partner in any project you need to get done. His incredible
portfolio says more than I can possibly say!"

-Mike Thomas
Former Head of Creative Services, Marvel Comics
Owner, Creative Giant Inc